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General Guidelines & Expectations in regards go COVID-19

  • 08/20/2021- The Mayor of Iowa City has issued a Mask Mandate CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

  • Do not enter the facility if you are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19. Please refer to for the most updated information about COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Please sanitize your hands on your way in and out of lobby. There are lots of hand sanitizer stations located throughout the facility as well.

  • Everybody must check in at the front desk by scanning their card or checking in with the front desk staff

  • Wipe down your equipment with the cleaning methods and products that are provided for each area


  • Closed until further notice


  • Everybody must check into NDAC at the front desk, sneaking people in without paying may result in revoking of membership.

Swimming Pool​

  • Members can reserve a lane up to 1 week ahead for up to 1 hour each day, Non-Members/guests can only reserve 1 hour the day of. 

  • Same day reservations can be made for up to 2 hours for members, Non-Members are limited to 1 hour of swim time per day. If you would like to make your own reservations online please contact

  • Maximum of 2 people per lane for lap swimming


  • Capacity: 2 people or 1 family

  • 30 minute time limit if there is somebody waiting

  • Disinfect your area with provided cleaning methods

Steam Room

  • Capacity: 3 people or 1 family

  • 15 minute time limit if there is somebody waiting